The treatment of foot heal pain (Foot fork)

The source of more foot heel pain is inflammation of subcutaneous tissue in foot. This case causes acute pain for the patient and leads to his suffering while leaning on the heel or walking. This inflammation leads to calcium deposition which causes the appearance of sharp fork which similar to extrusion in the heel as shown in X-rays.
Usually, the pain appears in the Fibrous tissue in the heel which relates to the bone of the heel, or directly occurs behind the bone of the heel which connected to Achilles tendon.
This reason is not dangerous, but the pain is unbearable.

This pain usually occurs in one foot gradually or suddenly, and appears when you wake up in the morning; stand for a long time, get up from sitting or lying position, climb stairs or stand on your fingertips and sometimes it be painless.

To recover from this pain, you will need 6 months or more.

Reasons of heel pain:-
– Overweight which contribute to acute pain in the foot.
– The sudden overweight such as pregnancy.
– Wearing shoes with high heels not wide heels.
– Doing overload of walking or practicing sports.
– Bio-mechanical disturbance (abnormal walk)
– Several types of joints disturbance such as: rheumatoid.


The treatments:-
If your feel pain in your feet or swelling, this case is normal as
Dr/ Terry Selichen (Expert foot care and treatment at New York College of Medicine) said: There are 9 people from 10 people complain from foot pain.
The ways of treatments are:-

1- Water Massage:-
It is the best way of treatment by putting the feet at the night alternating between cold water and hot water for several times and put the feet in hot water for 5 minutes and in cold water for 5 minutes and repeat this steps for several time before sleeping.

2- Lotion Massage:-
By doing massage to the foot with a moisturizing lotion.

3- Doing exercises of the food to reduce the pain.
The steps of exercise are:-
– standing up in front of wall and there is a space between the wall and the feet as 90 CM and putting the hand on the wall.
– Tend the body towards the wall.
– Fix your back legs in straight position and fix your heels on the floor.
– Sensation of the painless lengthening of the legs muscles, and repeat these steps with the other leg.

4- Buying suitable shoes:-
There are 3 curvature of the inner side of your foot: normal curvature, simple curvature, straightness.
You should buy the shoes which suit your curvature.

5- Do not wear your new shoes for a long time.
It makes a great pressure on your foot and causes pain, inflammation and swelling.
6- Stop practising exercises which press on your heels such as walking or running and replace it with exercises do not press on your heels such as swimming or cycling.
7- Put ice on the foot which pains you for 20 minutes after your activities to reduce the pain.
8- The extension of your heels increases flexibility especially before getting out of the bed.
9- Do not walk without your shoes on hard floor because it increases the pain.
10- Wear Suitable shoes with medium heels which are available for good support and absorb the shocks and you can buy foot supports which are available at pharmacies.
11- Get rid of your overweight to reduce the pressure on your feet.
12- You can use common Analgesics such as: Aspirin or ibuprofen.

Check With your doctor in the following cases:-
– If your self-care procedures are not effective after one month.
– When you feel acute pain and swelling around your heel.
– If there is numbness.
– If you can’t bend your foot, walk or stand on your fingertips.

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