The Radio-frequency treats the pain of neck and headache

The headache is an annoying feeling and a combination of acute, compressing and pulsing pain in the head and it may extend to the face and the neck.
This pain infects different age groups and the women are more vulnerable to infection from the men and the degree of pain varies from one to another.
It is difficult to define the main reason of headache and sometimes may be unknown but often it results from a combination of neuropathy, myopathy and blood perfusion.

Some people feels despair to find a treatment for the headache because they consulted doctors and tried different treatments without reaching a solution, but I advise them to do not lose the hope to reach a solution.
Some cases take lot of time to find out the reason of the pain and the patient may need two treatment sessions with the thermal frequency. I am proud because I was a reason of healing a patient who suffered from chronic headache for 30 years.

Types of headache:-
Some people do not realize that there are 200 kinds of headache and it is a reason of the difficulty of defining the reasons of headache and treat it.

These are the most common kinds of headache:-
1- Tension headache.
The patient suffers from a compressor side pain, as there is a compressor strap around his head, and he thinks that pain because of psychological or physical stress.

2- Migraine.
The patient suffers from pulsed pain with problems in vision, facial numbness and sometimes nausea and dizziness.
This kind of headache is thought that happens because of changing in the weather, eating some kind of food, hormonal disorder or smelling strong odors.

3- Cluster headache.
The patient suffers from acute pain around the eyes, and it usually repeats several times through the month.

4- Neck pain and headache.
Through researches, we find out 20% of chronic headache because of Irritation in the joints and membranes of the neck and the treatment of this reason helps us to get rid of headache.

To define the source of the headache, the doctor depended on the results of these following tests:-
– Medical history and clinical examination.
– CT scan and MRI to exclude the organic reasons of headache.
– Some cases need to Diagnostic injections.

The treatments:-
– Proper nutrition.
– Analgesics.
– Relaxation and massage sessions.
– Alternative medicine such as Chinese acupuncture.
– Injection with cortisone and Botox derivatives.
– Pulsed thermal frequency method.

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