Pulsed Radio-frequency technology

It is a new technology and one of interventional radiation procedures.
In this operation, we use a special small catheter which is directed accurately to the pain source under supervision of radiation and the influence of local anesthesia to treat the pain.
This catheter is connected to thermal frequency device which generates electromagnetic vibrations around irritating nerves which causes the headache to calm the pain gradually until it disappears finally.

The important pain sources which this technology treats them are:-
– Scalp nerves.
– Nerves in the joints of the neck.
– Roots of neck nerves and nerve nodes.
The doctor treats every pain source in different ways, because every source has its properties and all of these parts are connected to each other and affect on each other negatively or positively, so the results of treatment are positive on other parts.

This technology is one of safe and effective procedures when it is used by professional and experts.
This operation take from 15 to 30 minutes and the patient leave the hospital after 1 hour, we expect that the patient will feel better after 3 weeks and the headache bouts will reduce gradually until it ends forever.

When we should refuge to thermal frequency treatment?
– When all of traditional treatment ways are failed such as: medicines and injection for 3 months.
– When the pain is acute and increasing.
– When it affects negatively on patient’s life practically and socially.

Thermal frequency can treat most of headache types and the results are perfect.
Chronic cases require using more than one injection and special catheter, but some patients do not like that so we use Catheter Pasha which requires a small hole in the lower back (not exceeding 2MM) to insert the catheter in back membranes to reach neck nerves which causes the headache and treat it with thermal frequency technology.

The useful of this technology, we can treat several areas in the same time under the radiation supervision and the effective of local anesthesia so it is safe and the results are perfect.


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