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Cervicogenic Headache

Cervicogenic headache, in a way, is one of the most  usual headache disorders because the pain truly isn’t in the head. Cervicogenic headache is referred pain , pain perceived as occurring in a part of the body other

Symptoms & Signs:

Headache causally associated with cervical myofascial tender spots , 2 cm from the neck midline. neck pain, focal neck tenderness, history of neck trauma, mechanical exacerbation of pain, unilaterality, coexisting shoulder pain, reduced range of motion in the neck, nuchal onset, nausea.

Pain resolves within 3 months after successful treatment of the causative disorder or lesion.


In diagnosing cervicogenic headache, doctors look for the actual source of the pain. Diagnostic nerve blocks are often used for this purpose. By administering nerve blocks, the doctor can determine which nerve is causing the pain. To confirm the diagnosis of cervicogenic headache, the headache must be relieved by nerve blocks.


Treatment for cervicogenic headache should target the cause of the pain (in the neck) and varies depending upon what works best for the individual patient. Treatments include nerve blocks, physical therapy and exercise, Botox injections, and medications. Physical therapy and an ongoing exercise regimen often produce the best outcomes.

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